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This article describes the ways guest users can access your resources and the consent process they'll encounter. If you send an invitation email to the guest, the invitation includes a link the guest can redeem to get access to your app or portal. The invitation email is just one of the ways guests can get access to your resources. As an alternative, you can add guests to your directory and give them a direct link to the portal or app you want to share. Regardless of the method they use, guests are guided through a first-time consent process. This process ensures that your guests agree to privacy terms and accept any terms of use you've set up.

When you add a guest user to your directory, the guest user account has a consent status (viewable in PowerShell) that’s initially set to PendingAcceptance. This setting remains until the guest accepts your invitation and agrees to your privacy policy and terms of use. After that, the consent status changes to Accepted, and the consent pages are no longer presented to the guest.


  • Starting July 12, 2021, if Azure AD B2B customers set up new Google integrations for use with self-service sign-up for their custom or line-of-business applications, authentication with Google identities won’t work until authentications are moved to system web-views. Learn more.
  • Starting September 30, 2021, Google is deprecating embedded web-view sign-in support. If your apps authenticate users with an embedded web-view and you're using Google federation with Azure AD B2C or Azure AD B2B for external user invitations or self-service sign-up, Google Gmail users won't be able to authenticate. Learn more.
  • The email one-time passcode feature is now turned on by default for all new tenants and for any existing tenants where you haven't explicitly turned it off. When this feature is turned off, the fallback authentication method is to prompt invitees to create a Microsoft account.

Redemption and sign-in through a common endpoint

Guest users can now sign in to your multi-tenant or Microsoft first-party apps through a common endpoint (URL), for example Previously, a common URL would redirect a guest user to their home tenant instead of your resource tenant for authentication, so a tenant-specific link was required (for example<tenant id>). Now the guest user can go to the application's common URL, choose Sign-in options, and then select Sign in to an organization. The user then types the domain name of your organization.

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The user is then redirected to your tenant-specific endpoint, where they can either sign in with their email address or select an identity provider you've configured.

Redemption through a direct link

As an alternative to the invitation email or an application's common URL, you can give a guest a direct link to your app or portal. You first need to add the guest user to your directory via the Azure portal or PowerShell. Then you can use any of the customizable ways to deploy applications to users, including direct sign-on links. When a guest uses a direct link instead of the invitation email, they’ll still be guided through the first-time consent experience.


A direct link is tenant-specific. In other words, it includes a tenant ID or verified domain so the guest can be authenticated in your tenant, where the shared app is located. Here are some examples of direct links with tenant context:

  • Apps access panel:<tenant id>
  • Apps access panel for a verified domain:<;verified domain>
  • Azure portal:<tenant id>
  • Individual app: see how to use a direct sign-on link

There are some cases where the invitation email is recommended over a direct link. If these special cases are important to your organization, we recommend that you invite users by using methods that still send the invitation email:

  • Sometimes the invited user object may not have an email address because of a conflict with a contact object (for example, an Outlook contact object). In this case, the user must select the redemption URL in the invitation email.
  • The user may sign in with an alias of the email address that was invited. (An alias is another email address associated with an email account.) In this case, the user must select the redemption URL in the invitation email.

Redemption through the invitation email

When you add a guest user to your directory by using the Azure portal, an invitation email is sent to the guest in the process. You can also choose to send invitation emails when you’re using PowerShell to add guest users to your directory. Here’s a description of the guest’s experience when they redeem the link in the email.

  1. The guest receives an invitation email that's sent from Microsoft Invitations.
  2. The guest selects Accept invitation in the email.
  3. The guest will use their own credentials to sign in to your directory. If the guest doesn't have an account that can be federated to your directory and the email one-time passcode (OTP) feature isn't enabled; the guest is prompted to create a personal MSA. Refer to the invitation redemption flow for details.
  4. The guest is guided through the consent experience described below.

Sometimes the invited external guest user's email may conflict with an existing Contact object, resulting in the guest user being created without a proxyAddress. This is a known limitation that prevents guest users from redeeming an invitation through a direct link using SAML/WS-Fed IdP, MSAs, Google Federation, or Email One-Time Passcode accounts.

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However, the following scenarios should continue to work:

  • Redeeming an invitation through an invitation email redemption link using SAML/WS-Fed IdP, Email One-Time Passcode, and Google Federation accounts.
  • Signing back into an application after redemption using SAML/WS-Fed IdP and Google Federation accounts.

To unblock users who can't redeem an invitation due to a conflicting Contact object, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the conflicting Contact object.
  2. Delete the guest user in the Azure portal (the user's "Invitation accepted" property should be in a pending state).
  3. Reinvite the guest user.
  4. Wait for the user to redeem invitation.
  5. Add the user's Contact email back into Exchange and any DLs they should be a part of.

Invitation redemption flow

When a user selects the Accept invitation link in an invitation email, Azure AD automatically redeems the invitation based on the redemption flow as shown below:

Invitation redemption in B2B collaboration - Microsoft Entra (2)

  1. Azure AD performs user-based discovery to determine if the user already exists in a managed Azure AD tenant. (Unmanaged Azure AD accounts can no longer be used for redemption.) If the user’s User Principal Name (UPN) matches both an existing Azure AD account and a personal MSA, the user is prompted to choose which account they want to redeem with.

  2. If an admin has enabled SAML/WS-Fed IdP federation, Azure AD checks if the user’s domain suffix matches the domain of a configured SAML/WS-Fed identity provider and redirects the user to the pre-configured identity provider.

  3. If an admin has enabled Google federation, Azure AD checks if the user’s domain suffix is, or and redirects the user to Google.

  4. The redemption process checks if the user has an existing personal MSA. If the user already has an existing MSA, they'll sign in with their existing MSA.

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  5. Once the user’s home directory is identified, the user is sent to the corresponding identity provider to sign in.

  6. If no home directory is found and the email one-time passcode feature is enabled for guests, a passcode is sent to the user through the invited email. The user retrieves and enters this passcode in the Azure AD sign-in page.

  7. If no home directory is found and email one-time passcode for guests is disabled, the user is prompted to create a consumer MSA with the invited email. We support creating an MSA with work emails in domains that aren't verified in Azure AD.

  8. After authenticating to the right identity provider, the user is redirected to Azure AD to complete the consent experience.

Consent experience for the guest

When a guest signs in to a resource in a partner organization for the first time, they're presented with the following consent experience. These consent pages are shown to the guest only after sign-in, and they aren't displayed at all if the user has already accepted them.

  1. The guest reviews the Review permissions page describing the inviting organization's privacy statement. A user must Accept the use of their information in accordance to the inviting organization's privacy policies to continue.

    Invitation redemption in B2B collaboration - Microsoft Entra (3)


    For information about how you as a tenant administrator can link to your organization's privacy statement, see How-to: Add your organization's privacy info in Azure Active Directory.

    (Video) Manage partner access with Azure AD B2B collaboration
  2. If terms of use are configured, the guest opens and reviews the terms of use, and then selects Accept.

    Invitation redemption in B2B collaboration - Microsoft Entra (4)

    You can configure terms of use in External Identities > Terms of use.

  3. Unless otherwise specified, the guest is redirected to the Apps access panel, which lists the applications the guest can access.

In your directory, the guest's Invitation accepted value changes to Yes. If an MSA was created, the guest’s Source shows Microsoft Account. For more information about guest user account properties, see Properties of an Azure AD B2B collaboration user.If you see an error that requires admin consent while accessing an application, see how to grant admin consent to apps.

(Video) 17. How to Add Guest User Account in Azure Active Directory

Automatic redemption setting

You might want to automatically redeem invitations so users don't have to accept the consent prompt when they're added to another tenant for B2B collaboration. When configured, a notification email is sent to the B2B collaboration user that requires no action from the user. Users are sent the notification email directly and they don't need to access the tenant first before they receive the email. The following shows an example notification email if you automatically redeem invitations in both tenants.

Invitation redemption in B2B collaboration - Microsoft Entra (6)

For information about how to automatically redeem invitations, see cross-tenant access overview and Configure cross-tenant access settings for B2B collaboration.

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How do I reset my B2B collaboration redemption status? ›

On the Overview tab, under My Feed, select the Reset redemption status link in the B2B collaboration tile. Under Reset redemption status, select Reset.

How do you ensure that collaboration invitations are sent to allowed domains only? ›

Under External users, select Manage external collaboration settings. Under Collaboration restrictions, select Allow invitations only to the specified domains (most restrictive). Under Target domains, enter the name of one of the domains that you want to allow. For multiple domains, enter each domain on a new line.

How do I enable B2B collaboration? ›

To add B2B collaboration users to the directory, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to the Azure portal in the User Administrator role. A role with Guest Inviter privileges can also invite external users.
  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Users.
  3. Select Invite external user from the menu.
Apr 21, 2023

What is the difference between B2B collaboration and B2B direct connect? ›

B2B direct connect users collaborate via a mutual connection between two organizations, whereas B2B collaboration users are invited to an organization and managed via a user object.

What does redeem invite mean on teams? ›

Eligible guests receive an email invitation from the team owner. Once they redeem the invitation by clicking Open Microsoft Teams, they get added to the team with guest user permissions.

Where do I accept collaboration requests? ›

Here's how to accept request

If another user creates a post and requests you to collaborate, you will have to accept the invite. Step 1: Open your Instagram account. Step 2: Click on the invite notification from your Instagram activity page. Step 3: Tap the review button and accept the request.

How do I accept a collaboration invite on box? ›

To see details about the invitation, click the ellipses, "...", and select View Details. To decline the invitation, click the ellipses, "...", and select Decline All. To accept the invitation and gain access to the project's content, click Accept.

How does B2B collaboration work? ›

With B2B collaboration, you can securely share your company's applications and services with external users, while maintaining control over your own corporate data. Work safely and securely with external partners, large or small, even if they don't have Azure AD or an IT department.

What is a B2B collaboration? ›

B2B collaboration is a capability of Azure AD External Identities that lets you collaborate with users and partners outside of your organization. With B2B collaboration, an external user is invited to sign in to your Azure AD organization using their own credentials.

What are the two main types of B2B relationships? ›

In general, they fall along four main types, with organizations playing multiple roles at different parts in the chain:
  • Different Types of B2B Interaction.
  • Direct Partnership.
  • Multiparty Procurement.
  • Agents and Distributors.
  • Exchanges, Auctions, and Digital Transaction Hubs.
Feb 24, 2017

How do I enable B2B direct connect? ›

To change inbound B2B direct connect settings
  1. Select Add external users and groups.
  2. In the Add other users and groups pane, type the user object ID or the group object ID in the search box.
  3. In the menu next to the search box, choose either user or group.
  4. Select Add.
May 31, 2023

Why is collaboration important in B2B? ›

Through collaboration, businesses can often complement each other and specialise in different areas to compete in markets usually beyond their individual reach. See what makes a successful business collaboration.

How do I delete an invitation in Azure AD? ›

In Azure Data Share, navigate to your sent share and select the Invitations tab. Listed here are all of the recipients of invitations to this data share. Click the boxes next to the recipients whose invitations you would like to delete and then click Delete.

How do I clean up my Azure AD? ›

Clean up stale devices in the Azure portal
  1. Connect to Azure Active Directory using the Connect-AzureAD cmdlet.
  2. Get the list of devices.
  3. Disable the device using the Set-AzureADDevice cmdlet (disable by using -AccountEnabled option).
  4. Wait for the grace period of however many days you choose before deleting the device.
Mar 15, 2023

How do I reset my ad sync? ›

Go to Windows Service Control Manager (START → Services). Select Microsoft Azure AD Sync and click Restart.

How do you know if someone accepted your team invite? ›

The Tracking button is located at the top of the window on the Meeting tab next to Appointment and Scheduling Assistant. Note that the Tracking button will not be visible unless you are the meeting organizer.

Do you have to accept a Microsoft Teams invite? ›

It is important to join the meeting using the proper link. When Teams meetings are scheduled through Outlook, you will receive a meeting invitation by email. You can join the meeting by clicking Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. If instead you accept the meeting, it will be posted to your Outlook calendar.

How do I respond to a Microsoft team invite? ›

Respond to an email message with a meeting request
  1. In the message list, select the message, and then on the Home tab, in the Respond group, select Meeting.
  2. In an open message, on the Message tab, in the Respond group, select Meeting.

Why can't someone be invited as a collaborator? ›

Your account is set to private. You have prevented others from tagging you. You might not be following the account you are trying to collab with. The account you are trying to invite does not exist anymore.

How do you approve collaboration in final draft? ›

All you need is an internet connection.
  1. Open Final Draft and click the “Collaboration” button. Enter your name and select the script you'd like to share with your collaborators. ...
  2. You'll be given a session ID. Call, email, or text this ID to your collaborators to invite them to the session.
Mar 17, 2022

How do I allow collaborators? ›

Tap 'Tag People' and click 'Invite Collaborator'. Next, search for the user you want to collab with. Once you've selected them tap the checkmark to confirm.

How do you thank someone for accepting collaboration? ›

Thank you for your partnership quotes
  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work.
  2. We wouldn't have gotten here without you.
  3. It's been a great year, and you've been a big part of that!
  4. You're a crucial part of this team.
  5. Thanks for the positive attitude!
  6. Keep the brilliant ideas coming.
  7. You're an asset to the team.
May 5, 2022

What is an example of a collaboration request message? ›

I'm [name] from [company name]. I sent you an email [duration from when sent] that I think could benefit us if we partner up. I've come across your work and enjoyed it [maybe mention one particular project]. I thought you would be interested in partnering for this project because [give reasons].

How do you politely decline a request for collaboration? ›

Give them a reason as to why you do not wish to collaborate. You don't have to go into detail about circumstances, but simply state that you unable to commit at this point in time, or don't think the brand is a good fit with your style and audience.

How do you accept collaboration emails? ›

Any of these will hit the spot:
  1. Looking forward to chatting more about this.
  2. Thanks again for reaching out to collaborate.
  3. Appreciate your time, and hopefully, we can make this work!
Jan 21, 2021

What is the difference between Box shared link and collaborator? ›

In order to access a file or folder as a collaborator, a person will need a Box account. The file or folder will be listed under All Files when they log in to their Box account. A shared link is a unique URL that gives the recipient to access a specific file or folder.

How do I join a collab post? ›

The original author also has to have a public profile to create a Collab post.
  1. To begin, click the + sign to create a new post.
  2. Once you've uploaded the content, click on “Tag people.”
  3. Click on “Invite collaborator.”
  4. Search for the account and click on their profile.
  5. Wait for them to accept the request.
Mar 6, 2023

How do I connect with B2B clients? ›

14 Ways Your Small Business Can Attract B2B Clients
  1. Launch A New Product or Service. ...
  2. Promote Your Expertise. ...
  3. Use Social Media to Build Relationships. ...
  4. Ask Your Current Clients for Referrals. ...
  5. Max Out the Potential of Your CRM. ...
  6. Use Facebook and SEO for Local Businesses. ...
  7. Use Direct Mail to Stand Out. ...
  8. Get a Booth at a Trade Show.
Jan 31, 2023

How do I invite external collaborators to my box? ›

Inviting a collaborator
  1. Open the Share window. ...
  2. On the right, click Share.
  3. The Share window opens.
  4. In the Share window, under Invite People, click Add names or email addresses.
  5. Type a collaborator's name or email address. ...
  6. Click the Invite as drop-down menu. Box displays a list of roles.
May 12, 2023

How do you collaborate with external users in Microsoft Teams? ›

Enable shared channels in Teams

In the Teams admin center, expand Teams, and then select Teams policies. Select the policy for which you want to enable shared channels, and then select Edit. Select the options you want to enable: To allow team owners to create shared channels, turn Create shared channels on.

What are the 4 steps of collaboration? ›

Stages of Collaborative Group or Team's Development
  • Forming.
  • Norming.
  • Storming.
  • Performing.
  • Adjourning.

What are the different types of B2B collaboration? ›

There are three types of B2B partnerships, strategic partnerships, channel partnerships, and tech partnerships.

What is the purpose of B2B meetings? ›

B2B-meetings are pre-arranged, targeted appointments dedicated to get buyers and exhibitors to meet. The B2B-meetings are an ideal way for small and medium-sized businesses, to build connections and to find new clients and potential cooperation partners.

What are the 4 types of B2B? ›

To help you get a better idea of the different types of business customers in B2B markets, we've put them into four basic categories: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions.

What is B2B communication strategy? ›

Having a B2B communication strategy is the difference between broadcasting a string of aleatory words to knowing exactly what to say, where and to whom. To help you become successful in your business communications, we don't mind sharing our five best practices for a B2B comms strategy: 1.

What is B2B example? ›

Manufacturing materials, clothing, car parts and semiconductors are B2B examples. These materials are a part of the transactions between two businesses.

How do you build a strong B2B relationship? ›

5 Simple Steps to Strong B2B Client Relationships
  1. Focus on problem solving. Your buyers are looking for someone who can solve a problem for them better than anyone else. ...
  2. Prioritize value over price. ...
  3. Take your time. ...
  4. Communicate your company's story. ...
  5. Bring humanity to marketing.

What strategies can be used to manage B2B relationships? ›

Several ways to manage your B2B relationships include:
  • Show Gratitude. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. ...
  • Incorporate Customers in Social Media Strategy. Your social media strategy is a great way to help build B2B relationships. ...
  • Prioritize Value Over Price. ...
  • Handling Client Non-Payment.

What is an example of a B2B relationship? ›

Examples of B2B customer relationships are: Automobile part manufacturers and car companies. Management software companies and businesses. Cybersecurity firms and businesses.

Is Microsoft a B2B company? ›

New Delhi: Microsoft is the world's most valuable business-to-business (B2B) brand, its value growing 5% in the last year to $122 billion, according to the first annual BrandZ ranking of the top 20 most valuable B2B brands.

What is the difference between B2B collaboration and B2B direct? ›

B2B direct connect users collaborate via a mutual connection between two organizations, whereas B2B collaboration users are invited to an organization and managed via a user object.

What is entra Microsoft? ›

Microsoft Entra is the vision for identity and access that expands beyond identity and access management with new product categories such as cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and decentralized identity.

What happens when two companies collaborate? ›

Key Takeaways

Saving time and increasing staff productivity, quality of work output, innovation, employee engagement, reduced turnover, growth, and profitability are benefits of collaboration among businesses.

What does it mean when a company wants to collaborate with you? ›

Collaboration is a great tool for businesses, regardless of their industry or size. Typically, it refers to organizations working together to solve problems and achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone.

How do you write an email for business collaboration? ›

Follow these steps to write a successful partnership email:
  1. Identify which customers you want to connect with. ...
  2. Find the appropriate partners. ...
  3. Understand the other company's interests. ...
  4. Use a persuasive subject line. ...
  5. Personalize your email. ...
  6. Write an introduction. ...
  7. Explain the benefits of partnership. ...
  8. Include a call to action.
Mar 10, 2023

How do I reset my MFA session? ›

Go to Dashboard > Users Management > Users. Click on the user whose MFA you want to reset. Click on the Actions button on the top right of the screen. Select Reset Multi-factor from the dropdown.

How do I force a B2C Password to reset? ›

Select the sign-up and sign-in, or sign-in user flow (of type Recommended) that you want to customize. In the left menu under Settings, select Properties. Under Password configuration, select Forced password reset. Select Save.

What happens when you Reset MFA? ›

If you need to reset multifactor authentication (MFA) for your end users, you can choose to reset configured factors for one or multiple users. This action resets all configured factors for any user that you select. End users are required to set up their factors again.

How do I re register my MFA extension again? ›

This is a good first step when troubleshooting Multi-Factor Authentication end user issues. Sign in to the Azure portal. Choose the user you wish to perform an action on and select Authentication Methods. Click Require re-register MFA and save.

How do I fix my MFA? ›

MFA Setup issues
  1. Retry. ...
  2. Clear your browser's cookies and cache by deleting temporary internet files or cached files.
  3. After clearing your browser's cache, update the password associated with your account.
  4. Using your new password, sign in to your account and complete the steps in Multi-factor authentication setup.

How do I remove AIP protection? ›

In File Explorer, select your file, multiple files, or a folder. Right-click, and select Classify and protect. To remove a label: In the Classify and protect - Azure Information Protection dialog box, click Delete Label. If the label was configured to apply protection, that protection is automatically removed.

How do I turn off AIP? ›

We can disable the AIP toolbar by unchecking the AIP Add-in. But this is only applicable for Outlook client higher version than Version 1805, build 9330.2078. AIP toolbar is only available from this version onward.

How do I disable AIP? ›

The problem seems to disappear when turning off the Microsoft AIP bar below the ribbon in PowerPoint and Excel. To turn it off, go to Home → Sensitivity → untick Show bar. In any case, please ask your internal IT for advice.

How do I reset my Microsoft Admin MFA? ›

Go to Settings > Multifactor options > Enabled multifactor options. in the Enabled multifactor options panel, then click Reset MFA shared secrets. In the pop-up window enable I understand who is impacted and what to expect after reset, then select Reset.

How do I check multi-factor authentication in Office 365? ›

In the Microsoft 365 admin center, in the left nav choose Users > Active users. On the Active users page, choose Multi-factor authentication. On the multi-factor authentication page, select each user and set their Multi-Factor auth status to Disabled.

How do I reset my MFA Anypoint? ›

In the navigation bar or the main Anypoint Platform page, click Access Management. In the Business Groups menu, select your root organization. In the Access Management navigation menu, click Users. Click the user whose multi-factor authentication configuration you want to reset.

How do I reset my Air B and B password? ›

  1. Tap Profile and then tap Log in.
  2. Tap Continue with email and enter your email address.
  3. On the password page, tap Forgot password.
  4. Follow the directions and you'll be emailed a link to reset your password.

What is the URL for Azure B2C password reset? ›

The Reply URL should be . Select Run user flow, verify the email address of the account that you want to reset the password for, and then select Continue.

What is the password policy for B2C? ›

A password that's at least 8 to 64 characters. A password that's at least 8 to 64 characters. It requires 3 out of 4 of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, or symbols.


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